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Important news! Glen and Hy Peskin, a lost founding father of professional bass fishing whom we featured prominently in our book, have been nominated for the Bass Fishing Hall of Fame!

Check out their website: http://www.bassfishinghof.com/index.html.

We learned of his nomination from Ray Scott, who sent us his completed ballot. Thank you, Ray, for your support!  Getting Hall of Fame recognition for Glen was an important goal for the book.  So far, we’ve gotten him into Garry Mason’s Legends of the Outdoors Hall of Fame, and hopefully he’ll get into this second one.

Here’s a copy of Ray Scott’s official ballot:

Features Glen and Hy Peskin

Features Glen and Hy Peskin

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According to Terry Battisti, “The book is filled with the history of the sport at a time when there was no history. It’s a must read for those who are ardent historians of the sport and a “you need to read” if you’re a bass fisherman.” Check out the entire article here.

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Tournament on Bull Shoals Lake, Glen’s old and current haunt, this weekend. The winner, who camped in the back of his truck every night, caught his fish just down the lake from Glen’s and Shane’s houses.

Check out photos of Glen with Kevin VanDam on the Bassmaster website: http://www.bassmaster.com/slideshow/behind-scenes-day-three-3

And more photos featuring Glen, Rick Clunn, and Kevin VanDam:

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Check it out at:


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Just out today!  An incredible review on ESPN outdoors!


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Sunday, February 7, our book received a fantastic review in the Tulsa World. Check it out below!

Tulsa World Review

Also this month, this article (below) appeared in Midwest Outdoors, written by our good friend and famous lure collector, Dan Basore.


By Dan Basore


Do you want to start a debate? Just ask any group of bass chasers, Whose the best? And fur will fly. But some of the greatest names in bassin’ have no doubt it’s Glen Andrews.

Before there was BASS and Bassmaster tournaments the “World Series of Sport Fishing”  tournaments were conducted for ten years. It’s champions include well known fishermen who hosted television shows including Harold Ensley “The Sportsman’s Friend” that ran for 48 years, Virgil Ward of “Championship Fishing”, Joe Krieger, “The Joe Krieger Sportsman Show” and Jimmy Houston host of ESPN’s “Jimmy Houston Outdoors”.

But only one man won the title of “World Champion” more than once, Glen Andrews, and he did it for two years in a row. For the early years as I fished national bass tournaments, and made friends with the nations top bass fishermen, the name Glen Andrews was mentioned by so many as I asked, “Who was the best bass fisherman you ever knew?”

Bill Dance, (23 National wins, three time BASS Angler of the Year), couldn’t say enough about how Glen had taught him so much. In a letter to Shane Andrews, Glen’s son, Dance wrote, “It’s amazing to me how you can meet someone and it can change your whole direction in life. There can be absolutely no doubt that I wouldn’t be doing what I am today had our lines not crossed back then”.

First and a two time winner of the Bassmaster Classic and student of Glen, Bobby Murray wrote, “Glen is probably the greatest angler that no one has ever heard of. However his influence on modern bass fishing is unparalleled by any other angler”.

As we filmed a segment of the long running ESPN “The Fishin’ Hole”, Jerry McKinnis not only extolled the expertise of Glen but even pulled out one of his Twin Spin Lures to save the day with some of our best bass of the show while most other fishermen were skunked that day.

Jerry then introduced me to a friend of his that was moving to my area and Gary Clark became like a brother to me. As we fished locally and in exotic locals in other countries we often talked about Glen Andrews wondering what he was doing and even if he was still alive.

McKinnis wrote recently, “In my business you can imagine how many times someone asks, ‘Who was the best bass fisherman you ever knew?’ Your probably not going to know this man, but Glen Andrews is my reply. I had a wonderful career and I owe a lot of it to Glen”.

Ray Scott, the founder of BASS disclosed, “Glen Andrews probably is the best natural-born bass angler that I have ever met. When you’ve got it you’ve got it, and Glen Andrews has got it!”

Glen wrote the book, “Techniques of Bass Fishing” in 1974 and authored the syndicated “Angler’s World” newspaper column. He also held bass fishing classes.

Of interest to fishers, collectors and fishing historians, Glen was the founder of Andrews Lure Company. His friend Dave Hawk is credited with inventing the plastic worm, “Texas Rig”, but the Andrews Bait Company in Rogers, Arkansas, was the first to package, plastic worms, hooks and slip sinkers along with instructions on how to fish them. They also produced several other productive lures.

Some of the ways he worked lures were revolutionary and now mostly forgotten. For example during cold water periods he taught, “Cast my Twin Spin lure to a steep bank or bluff. Let it fall straight down to the bottom about 12 to 18 feet deep. Pull it gently away and allow it to fall on down the bluff continuing till it’s about 25 feet deep. Now pick it up and hold it-don’t crank it-don’t jig it-just hold it and let it swing all the way under your boat.. Most strikes will come about 10 to 15 feet from the bluff, but I have caught lot’s of bass after the Twin Spin stopped swinging and was just hanging. So always leave it there for a few seconds.”

Glen was a very successful guide for twenty years. The pressure to produce multiple limits for two anglers in the morning and many times two more in the afternoon was much more than catching a big limit himself in a tournament. Glen told me that, “Fishing a tournament was like having a day off.”

When it was time to choose between family life and tournament fishing, Andrews decided on his family. We can only guess what he could have achieved fishing bass tournaments.

There’s so much more to tell. This article can only introduce you to a small glimpse of Glen’s history and his perspective on the history of professional bass fishing that are captured in a new book written by his son D. Shane Andrews and Jeremy Miller and published by Dr. Todd Larson’s Whitefish Press. You can order it at http://www.whitefishpress.com.

If you can help with our search for more old lures or other fishing history, pre-level wind reels, casting tournament items, manufacturers catalogs, bamboo and wood rods etc., please write Dan Basore, Historical Fishing Display, 3 S 375 Herrick Rd., Warrenville, IL 60555, or call 630-393-FISH, that’s 630-393-3474 or toll free 1-800-FISH-LAKe, that’s 1-800-347-4525.. You can also e-mail descriptions and jpg pictures to OLLURES@AOL.COM. Thanks for your help and support.

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We hope everyone enjoyed the holidays!  Some great news for the book came with the winter weather.  Dan Basore has written a review for the book that will appear in Midwest Outdoors Magazine and BassFan.com posted a review of the book today!  If you haven’t ordered your copy, you can still buy it for $19.95 at http://www.whitefishpress.com/bookdetail.asp?book=89

Checkout the new review of An Impossible Cast at BassFan.com:


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Monday, December 20, Shane, Glen, and I signed books with another local author, Betty Loeffler, at Arvest Bank in Lead Hill, AR, from 10AM and 1PM.  Prior to the signing, Harrison Daily Times printed two releases on the book and the event.  In two hours, we emptied our box, 37 books, and reacquainted with people who remembered Glen in his prime.  One man even mentioned that he still references Glen’s how-to manual, Simplicity of Bass Fishing, which he published in 1975 for his bass fishing course!  Excitement about the book has risen dramatically since people started receiving their copies early last week, and we plan on more regional signings in the near future, so  keep checking the blog for more information!

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Thanks to all those who’ve read the blog and commented on it; some of those comments are great stories within themselves and we’d like to see more of that. If any of you who know or know of Glen Andrews and his legacy and have a short story about him then by all means post it here, it will be welcome. You can also contact us by email or phone at:

Shane’s home phone # 479-239-4568

We also ask that you share the blog with anyone you think might be interested – anyone who loves the outdoors, fishing, underdog stories like “Rocky”, and entertaining books. Also check us out on our Facebook page (no subscription necessary) for video, photos, and articles related to the book!

So now, many of you are beginning to ask questions. Who is this Glen Andrews and what is his legacy? Why is he so important, historically? Why haven’t we ever heard of him before?

Perhaps the first two questions are best answered by the Lead Hill School Foundation’s Tiger Hall of Fame nomination letter to which Glen was inducted earlier this year. This hall of fame is just the beginning of what we intend on this mission.

“Glen Andrews was World Champion”

Before Heartland Tournaments, Wal-Mart’s FLW and BASS’ Bassmaster tournaments, the “World Series of Sport Fishing” dominated bass angling competition. It was the most prestigious and largest bass tournament in the world. It produced and made such greats as: Harold Ensley, host of the 48 year outdoor TV show, The Sportsman’s Friend; Joe Krieger, host of the Tulsa based outdoor program, The Joe Krieger Sportsman Show; Virgil Ward, host of the outdoor program, Championship Fishing; and Jimmy Houston of ESPN’s Jimmy Houston Outdoors. In the ten-year run of the World Series only one man could tout the title “World Champ” more than once and consecutively as well. His name is Glen Andrews and he is a native and long-time resident of our tiny yet significant community of Lead Hill, Arkansas.

Glen is not only the only two-time World Series Champ but his contributions to the advancement of the professional fishing society are of paramount. Glen mentored and honed such greats in the pro fishing world as: Pro-Fishing Hall of Famer Bill Dance (holder of 23 national titles, 3-time “BASS Angler of the Year” and host of ESPN’s Bill Dance Outdoors). In a letter Bill reflects on Glen’s influence on his career. He writes, “It’s amazing to me how you can meet someone or simply hear something the person says and it can change your whole direction in life… There can be absolutely no doubt that I wouldn’t be doing what I am today had our lines not crossed back then.”

In a 2008 letter of nomination to the Fishing Hall of Fame in Hot Springs, Arkansas, Hall of Famer, two-time winner of the Bassmaster Classic and student of Glen Andrews, Bobby Murray stated, “Glen is probably the greatest angler that no one has ever heard of. However, his influence on modern bass fishing is unparalleled by any other angler.”

Jerry McKinnis, host of the The Fishin’ Hole, which owned a spot on ESPN for over forty years, recently of Glen, “Because of my business you can imagine how many times someone asks, “Who’s the best bass fisherman you ever knew?” My answer is always, “You’re probably not going to know this man, but it’s a guy by the name of Glen Andrews.” I had a wonderful career and I owe a lot of it to Glen Andrews.”

Glen also was inspirational with his ability for story telling and was the author of a syndicated column called, Angler’s World which was printed by the Harrison Daily News among others back in the sixties. He also is credited with authorship of the how-to book called, Techniques of Bass Fishing printed in 1974 when he held bass fishing classes in Rogers, Arkansas.

Glen was the founder and owner of Andrews Lure Company which produced top notch lures whose designs influenced many used today. In Bobby Murray’s words, “Glen was the first true professional bass angler. His insights into seasonal fish migration, structure fishing, lure development and lure presentation helped forge the basis of many of the country’s leading bass fishing authorities of today.”

Glen’s Accolades

1962 Missouri State Champion
1962 Runner-up World Champion
1963 Missouri State Champion
1963 Runner-up World Champion
1965 Missouri State Champion
1965 Arkansas State Champion
1965 World Champion
1966 World Champion

The last question: Why haven’t we ever heard of him before?

For now, allow me to just say that the title of Mira Kirshenbaum’s 2004 book, which greatly helped me to understand Glen’s story, says it all:

Things Happen for a Reason

Tentative Print Date for
An Impossible Cast
November 7, 2009

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