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Since all our friends and blog members have busy lives of their own, we want to not clog their in-boxes with too many entries of simple entertainment. We want to keep our focus clear with our goal of gaining Glen Andrews the recognition he deserves for being a paramount figure in the world of competitive bass angling. The continually burgeoning story of the man the experts claim is the “Best Bass Fisherman Ever” has taken yet more turns to forge Glen’s rightful place in history. And, here they are:

First, the bad news… At least for the present, the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame in Springfield, MO has no interest in passing an induction for Glen. According to their guidelines, Glen has all the qualifications for induction but the list of potential inductees must be long and distinguished, for he was overlooked this year. Not a major problem because Dad has already been inducted into the Legends of the Outdoors National Hall of Fame in Springville, TN in August of 2010.

We want to thank Don Berry of Jock Radio’s, Don Berry’s Fish and Radio Show for his efforts in nominating Glen. Don’s show is stationed out of Springfield, MO and he has had Dad and I on it a couple of times.

Now, the big news: We’ve found it odd that our greatest advocates are not necessarily on a local level. While our home town of Lead Hill, AR, a town of only 250 people, hailed Glen as a local hero at our 2009 Arvest Bank book signing with a banner turnout, other local or statewide newspapers and publications have paled in their interests in our story.

But we can’t complain because on shelves now, in the current issue of In-Fisherman magazine (March/April) on page 16 is a very generous review of our book, An Impossible Cast. In-Fisherman is one of the most revered monthly fishing publications in this country, printing millions of copies a year. Now that’s a big deal. Thank you Steve Quinn and Ned Kehde for the help, it is most appreciated.

That’s not all; John Neporadney, a senior writer for B.A.S.S Times magazine, has written and published an incredible interview article in their current issue (March) on page 18. John not only interviewed Dad and me, but he also interviewed Bill Dance of TV fame and Jerry McKinnis, co-owner of B.A.S.S. (Bass Anglers Sportsman Society) both of whom were mentored by Glen in the early years.

Jerry McKinnis, again, cited Glen Andrews as “…the best bass fisherman there ever was.” Jerry knows this because he has fished with all the great bass fisherman, including former 4-time world champ, Rick Clunn and current 4-time world champ, Kevin VanDam.

See if you can find copies of these magazines for two exceptional reads and don’t forget: copies of An Impossible Cast, The Glen Andrews story and the Birth of Professional Fishing are available on line at http://www.whitefishpress.com, http://www.amazon.com or by calling 479-239-4568.

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