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So now, many of you are beginning to ask questions. Who is this Glen Andrews and what is his legacy? Why is he so important, historically? Why haven’t we ever heard of him before?

Perhaps the first two questions are best answered by the Lead Hill School Foundation’s Tiger Hall of Fame nomination letter to which Glen was inducted earlier this year. This hall of fame is just the beginning of what we intend on this mission.

“Glen Andrews was World Champion”

Before Heartland Tournaments, Wal-Mart’s FLW and BASS’ Bassmaster tournaments, the “World Series of Sport Fishing” dominated bass angling competition. It was the most prestigious and largest bass tournament in the world. It produced and made such greats as: Harold Ensley, host of the 48 year outdoor TV show, The Sportsman’s Friend; Joe Krieger, host of the Tulsa based outdoor program, The Joe Krieger Sportsman Show; Virgil Ward, host of the outdoor program, Championship Fishing; and Jimmy Houston of ESPN’s Jimmy Houston Outdoors. In the ten-year run of the World Series only one man could tout the title “World Champ” more than once and consecutively as well. His name is Glen Andrews and he is a native and long-time resident of our tiny yet significant community of Lead Hill, Arkansas.

Glen is not only the only two-time World Series Champ but his contributions to the advancement of the professional fishing society are of paramount. Glen mentored and honed such greats in the pro fishing world as: Pro-Fishing Hall of Famer Bill Dance (holder of 23 national titles, 3-time “BASS Angler of the Year” and host of ESPN’s Bill Dance Outdoors). In a letter Bill reflects on Glen’s influence on his career. He writes, “It’s amazing to me how you can meet someone or simply hear something the person says and it can change your whole direction in life… There can be absolutely no doubt that I wouldn’t be doing what I am today had our lines not crossed back then.”

In a 2008 letter of nomination to the Fishing Hall of Fame in Hot Springs, Arkansas, Hall of Famer, two-time winner of the Bassmaster Classic and student of Glen Andrews, Bobby Murray stated, “Glen is probably the greatest angler that no one has ever heard of. However, his influence on modern bass fishing is unparalleled by any other angler.”

Jerry McKinnis, host of the The Fishin’ Hole, which owned a spot on ESPN for over forty years, recently of Glen, “Because of my business you can imagine how many times someone asks, “Who’s the best bass fisherman you ever knew?” My answer is always, “You’re probably not going to know this man, but it’s a guy by the name of Glen Andrews.” I had a wonderful career and I owe a lot of it to Glen Andrews.”

Glen also was inspirational with his ability for story telling and was the author of a syndicated column called, Angler’s World which was printed by the Harrison Daily News among others back in the sixties. He also is credited with authorship of the how-to book called, Techniques of Bass Fishing printed in 1974 when he held bass fishing classes in Rogers, Arkansas.

Glen was the founder and owner of Andrews Lure Company which produced top notch lures whose designs influenced many used today. In Bobby Murray’s words, “Glen was the first true professional bass angler. His insights into seasonal fish migration, structure fishing, lure development and lure presentation helped forge the basis of many of the country’s leading bass fishing authorities of today.”

Glen’s Accolades

1962 Missouri State Champion
1962 Runner-up World Champion
1963 Missouri State Champion
1963 Runner-up World Champion
1965 Missouri State Champion
1965 Arkansas State Champion
1965 World Champion
1966 World Champion

The last question: Why haven’t we ever heard of him before?

For now, allow me to just say that the title of Mira Kirshenbaum’s 2004 book, which greatly helped me to understand Glen’s story, says it all:

Things Happen for a Reason

Tentative Print Date for
An Impossible Cast
November 7, 2009

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Our First Blog

It is October 6th, 2009 – the first day of a new angle on a very old story.

It is also a first attempt at blogging. There has been no coaching on how to use this but then someone once said, “Getting started is half the battle”.

I feel half-victorious already. I am embarking on a journalistic journey of which I do not know the confines or restraints or even the experiences or exploits. I rarely read blogs and don’t even know what blog means. I have set no parameters and intend to learn as I go along. I do not know how often I will blog nor do I have a set itinerary for the subject matter. However, destiny has brought me to this place and I have never been more certain that I am to be doing what I am at this point in my life. I am on a mission. That mission is simply to tell the story of my Dad; a story that has been long forgotten by most, but is of paramount importance, historically.

I will no doubt make mistakes and apologies but I will never apologize for the premise of this forgotten story which is based on facts: Both first-hand knowledge and referenced material. I do not consider myself a scholarly person though I have been educated in three different colleges to which I hold no degree. Therefore, I will not be the finest writer you will have ever read but I do promise you this… I will bring to you a substantial literary contribution with this forgotten story.

My name is DeVaux Shane Andrews and I am the younger of two sons of a man named Glen Daniel Andrews Sr. This blog will primarily be a reflection of his legacy: His memories, his writings, his experiences and expertise. It is also advertising for a book coming out soon called An Impossible Cast (co-authored by myself and a good friend named Jeremy Miller) that highlights Glen and the history of professional sport fishing. Jeremy is a grad student at KU in Lawrence, Kansas and will contribute to this blog as well, from time to time.

Stay in touch with this blog for information and pictures regarding the man that Jerry McKinnis, host of the 40+years outdoor show The Fishin’ Hole, said is: “simply the greatest bass fisherman I’ve ever known, and I’ve known them all”.

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